Who can join

How to become a member

Young people with special needs who have reached the age of 13 can apply for membership with a parent or guardian.  The Club operates a waiting list and new members will only be admitted when there is an adequate ratio of volunteers to members.

You can apply to join the Club by requesting an application form from the Secretary.  All information will be held by the Secretary and inputted on to the Club’s database.   All members are expected to abide by the Club Code of Conduct and parents/guardians will be expected to assist with running the Club.  This may involve participating at Committee level and undertaking Garda Vetting and relevant training.

Young members or their parents/guardians will be asked to give some information about themselves so that the Committee can seek to accommodate any special requirements.

The information we record is used for the following purposes:

–  To have a database of contact details for the member and their parent/guardian

–  To consider if Club can meet the needs of applicant

–  To analyse information about members for our funders (age/ gender/ numbers etc.)

–  To assist the Club to design and deliver the type of activity to suit members

Who will see the information you supply:

–   The information will be held by the Secretary of the day and will be available to the Committee

–  You may review your personal information details at any reasonable time upon request.  The information held will always be the information you supply and will only be changed or updated with your consent

–  Personal information details will be destroyed when membership has lapsed