Rainbow 13+ depends on several different sources to raise funds to support the Club and to sustain the needs of its members.

The Club complies with the dictates of the Arch Club Federation and keeps proper records of accounts which are transparent and open to scrutiny. Each year the Treasurer applies to the CDYSB (City of Dublin Youth Services Board) for an annual grant.  In order to win this grant the Club accounts are audited by an independent auditor and the Income and Expenditure for the year are submitted to the CDYSB.

This is a significant grant and it gets the year off to a good start leaving members and their parents time to organize other means of gaining income.

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Members Subscriptions

During the past three years our own members have been responsible for raising more than 50% of our yearly income. This has been achieved through members’ individual subscriptions. An attendance record is kept each week and each member pays €5 toward whatever activity is being run and this together with their contributions towards outings and events and Summer Project realizes a good portion of the annual income. We also organize fund raising events in which parents and volunteers participate such as the Ladies Mini Marathon, Bag Packing, Pub Quizzes carol singing and other events organized privately by individuals on our behalf.

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Eddie Rockets Fundraising Flyer

We have some benefactors who have made generous donations toward the running of the Club: JMS Automotive, Dublin Bus drivers, clontarf garage.  Tolka Rovers sports club and Basketball team and  Dominos Pizza have been constant and generous sponsors to our club. Our venue for weekly activities for the past three years has been the 177th Scout Hall and without their support we would be homeless.

BRYR (Ballymun Regional Youth Resource) has been a stalwart supporter and thus far we have received funding through the Small Grants and Micro Funding programmes and they loyally

keep us apprised of any funding opportunities that arise throughout the year. This year we were thrilled to be awarded a grant from the Ballymun Youth Bank, a project which was run and managed by a group of young people in Ballymun.  Harry was presented with the cheque at the presentation night in the Reco.

Our Summer Project is probably one of the most costly events run by the Club and this very important annual event is supported and funded by CYC (Catholic Youth Care), CDYSB, DCC and BRYR. The Reco youth facility is our out base for the summer project.

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Future Funding

Our committee is continuously searching to find ways of identifying potential sponsors and at the same time strives to be somewhat self sufficient so that the members will continue to benefit and enjoy all that the Club can offer.

As we look forward and member numbers increase it is inevitable that we will have an age differential and at some point may have to run separate events for the different age groups. This will necessitate extra costs for which we must make provision.

It is also an ambition that at some point we will have enough funds to buy our own bus. This would mean that members who have transport difficulties may be picked up and dropped home on a Club night. Hence we need to keep our shoulders to the wheel in terms of fundraising and applying for available grants. Your help and ideas are, not only welcome, but absolutely essential.

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