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Who can join?

Young people with an intellectual disability who have reached the age of 13 can apply for membership with a parent or guardian. The Club operates a waiting list and parents/guardians must undergo garda vetting and agree to undertake training in Child Protection and be bound by the rules of the club. Young members (or their parents) are asked to give as much information as possible about themselves so that the committee can seek to accommodate any special requirements they may have. Some of our members may need one to one assistance and the committee need to be aware of this. Safety of the prospective member and existing members will always be a priority when considering applications. All young members will be encouraged to participate in all club activities and to make suggestions regarding their interests and the activities they prefer.

You can apply to join the club using the form below. Once we receive your details we will contact you. All information will be treated confidentially. All fields are required.

Who can become a volunteer

The club welcomes volunteers from any member of the community who has an interest in working with young people, particularly young people with an intellectual disability. Volunteers may be students who have an interest in Social Work, Youth/Sports Club, Social or Psychological studies or simply people who want to help out and become mentors for our young people. Our club sets a minimum ratio of one volunteer to six members, on outings this ratio is one volunteer to 4 members. In some instances we require one to one involvement. All volunteers will be interviewed, garda vetted and will undergo training in Child Protection. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you regarding your application. All fields are required.

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