Child Protection/Vulnerable Person Policy Statement

Child Protection/Vulnerable Person Policy Statement

This is an extract from our Child Protection/Vulnerable Person Policy, the full text of which is available on this website.

The Club want to make sure that children/vulnerable persons are protected and kept safe from harm while they are in our care. We are committed to providing a safe environment in which all our members can socialise, learn and develop. We are also committed to ensuring that contractors and volunteers are aware of their personal and professional responsibilities to promote children’s and vulnerable person’s safety and welfare in accordance with relevant legislation and the guidance outlined in this policy.

We recognise that the welfare of children is paramount and our Club will endeavour to safeguard children and our vulnerable persons by ensuring that:

  • Procedures are in place to recognise, respond to and report concerns about children’s and vulnerable person’s protection and welfare
  • a confidentiality policy exists
  • a code of behaviour for members, parents, carers and volunteers exists
  • safe recruitment and selection procedures are in place
  • the Club adheres to safe management practices and procedures
  • a procedure to respond to accidents and incidents is in place
  • a procedure to respond to complaints is in place
  • procedures are in place to respond to allegations of abuse and neglect.

As part of our policy and approach, we have appointed a Designated Liaison Person for dealing with child/vulnerable person protection concerns.

All in the Club are required to familiarise themselves with this policy and these procedures.

Child Protection training will be available to all new volunteers.

Child/vulnerable person protection will be a regular agenda item at governance meetings.